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Hotel Cristallo Varazze


Guestbook Hotel Cristallo

Letters you have written

" The last time the Baiocchi family was at your hotel was in 2009... I' am anxious to be back, even if it is for one night.
(an e- mail from U.S. december 2011)

"Hello Mario+Johnny.
I'm sad because I came to Italy to play a concert over by Como with my friend Luca.Great success. However I miss coming to visit you boys there in Varazze.I send my prayers and best wishes."
(Rex Foster,a postcard from Paris, november 2011)

"Good afternoon to my friends in Italy!
Thank you for my licence arriving the other day. Much appreciate, and many thanks.
Warm regards"
(Martin King.Australia 3 nov 2011)

" We have received the parcel with the forgotten cheese last week. It has come in a perfect shape!
We want to thank you again. It was a great favour.
We will recommend your hotel to everybody."
(Krystyna on behalf of Eco-clean, Poland)

"Dear Mr. Cavanna,
First of all, thanks for your nice reception of our guests in your hotel during the last week – everything was perfect!      We will check your invoice as soon as possible and arrange payment. When we have some further questions, I will come back to you as soon as possible!"
(Mr. Remko, manager Yamaha motor Europe)

".. of particular note is the assistance afforted us at the Varazze - Cristallo,where after lodging on October 1, my wife became ill. The professionalism and hospitality of the manager and staff was impressive. It enabled us to continue our journey and, as well wherever possible secure future accomodation at Hotel Cristallo."
(T.Stenton to Murdoch Travel,Canada)


Hello Mr Cavanna (forgot your first name - sorry!!). You may remember me - I visited your hotel in May on my BMW R1100R. I was travelling from Italy to the UK. Do you remember I was not sure if I should leave in all the rain or stay another night? Well - I should have stayed another night! I travelled through the worst rain I have ever been seen (in France) and then ended up having a crash in Lyon (nothing to do with the rain). Another motorbike crashed into the side of me! I am ok now - went to hospital but nothing broken - just a badly swollen ankle.

I flew back the next day and only got me bike back last week. My RAC cover got the bike back to the UK then I decided to have it fixed - most of the front end had to be replaced!

Anyway - alls well that ends well as they say. Just wanted to say thank you for your hospitality - your hotel was perfect for a tired biker and Varazze is a beautiful town - even in the rain. I have attached a pic of me in Switzerland (see below )on the way to Italy and one of my bike after it was fixed last week.

Maybe see you again sometime - Roger (2882012)

 " We are sending this fax to wish you a very good and successful summer season at the Cristallo. We regret we will not be able to come to Italy this summer but we hope very much to come to Varazze next year.
Our very best regards to the Cavanna Family - we will miss being at the Cristallo."
(Olimpia and John Pino, New York )
Dear Mr Cavanna,

Thank you very much for your Easter greetings. We wish you the very best and a happy Easter Holiday for you and your family as well.
To say in Dutch:

Vrolijk Pasen!

Met vriendelijke groet, kind regards, mit freundlichen Grußen

Dear Mr Cavanna,
" Thank you very much for your understanding. It is appreciated very much by Rosita and me.
We had a very nice time staying at your hotel. We would also like to thank you for your hospitality.
Met vriendelijke groet, kind regards, mit freundlichen Grußen."
(George Robert V.The Netherlands, 16712)

" Hallo,
my collegue has forgotten his charger to his mobile telephone. But he has one extra at home, so you can keep it as reserve if some other guest needs a charger.
Thank you again for a nice stay at your hotel!"

Best regards
Sven H. from Sweden

Posted on 27 Apr 2013 by admin
Grazie Signor Schaal - Vielen Dank, Herr Schaal !

Il nostro affezionato cliente Signor Schaal ha inserito nella nostra pagina di Facebbok, questa bella foto della sua auto storica che esce dal garage del Cristallo. Grazie!
Unsere treuen Kunden Mr. Schaal auf unserem Facebbok Seite platziert, dieses Foto von seinem schönen Auto, kommen aus der Garage des Kristalls. Danke


Posted on 22 Apr 2013 by admin
Il fotografo Max Salvaggio e le sue modelle ospiti del Cristallo (the making of Azimut Calendar 2013 )

In questi primi giorni di Novembre, baciati dal sole e da un clima mite, abbiamo avuto il piacere di ospitare il fotografo Max Salvaggio con le modelle dell'agenzia "Modus Vivendis" di Mosca (vedi foto ) che hanno attirato l'attenzione dei visitatori della Marina di Varazze, dove hanno posato per il Calendario Azimut 2013, che con un "mood board" inspirato dal grande Helmut Newton,sarà senz'altro una bella realizzazione.
In these first days of November, kissed by the sun and a mild climate, we had the pleasure of hosting the photographer Max Salvaggio with the models of agency "Modus Vivendis" in Moscow (see photo) that have attracted the attention of visitors to Marina di Varazze, where they posed for the calendar Azimut 2013, with a "mood board" inspired by the great Helmut Newton, will definitely be a great a calendar!

Posted on 19 Apr 2013 by admin
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